18 Top Crafts Ideas

Hobbyists in the arts, such as painters, sculptors, draughts people, scrapbookers, and photographers, have unwittingly promoted good health via their creative endeavors.

Arts and crafts are good beyond simply having fun; they help boost self-esteem, sharpen the mind, and even with symptoms of severe health disorders.

Let’s check out the top crafts ideas for this year ahead!

Extensions for Dreadlocks

Handcrafted synthetic dreadlock extensions

Dreads are a fashion trend that comes and goes now and then. So why not provide beautiful choices for the nonconformists who choose to wear them? Get yourself some wooden beads, wool, cotton, silk, pewter, and textiles, and you’ll be ready to begin in no time at all!

Bombs For The Bath

Homemade bath bombs

As of early 2015, bath bombs have become more popular than ever before, and the market for these fizzing bathtub medicines is booming. What’s more, the components that go into them are very low-cost. 

It’s easy to buy vast amounts of the supplies needed for these DIY crafts (baking soda, Epsom salts, food coloring, to mention a few), which means that you’ll have more money in your pocket!

Pet Toys

Homemade pet toys made with craft materials

Handmade eco-friendly pet toys manufactured from low-cost recycled materials are a great way to get yourself busy with some quirky craft while making fun items for your pet. You can find numerous DIY videos on YouTube with creative ideas about pet toys. 

Ornaments Or Gift Tags For The Season 

Homemade ornament for the Christmas tree

Many families have a habit of purchasing new Christmas decorations each year. But, on the other hand, handcrafted gifts may be passed down from generation to generation and can be used for many years to come.

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Crafters use this expertise to make year-round goods like customized gift tags, napkin holder decorations, and so on. With clay, you’ll be able to produce your items for a fraction of the cost, and your profit margins will skyrocket.


Handmade keychain with tulips

There is no such thing as a dated keychain. As a result, the hanging initials serve as an identifying piece, animals show that the user is an animal lover, and tourism spots indicate that the user is a tourist.

Keychains may be made from various materials, including leather, canvas, plastic, and fabric. 

Tote Bags

A handmade tote bag with tie dye print

How many plastic shopping bags do you use in a year? Uncountable, right? Tote bags are becoming more significant as more jurisdictions reduce their reliance on single-use plastic bags. Moreover, tote bags are one of the most trending items to try your hand at. 


DIY planters made from old wellington boots

Who doesn’t like looking at flowers and other plants? It doesn’t take long to transform a room if you add a few accessories.

Incorporating various designs, from contemporary/modern to Victorian or Craftsman, into your planters may help you create the appearance you want for your house or office.

Often you can construct them using low-cost raw materials and yet make them seem elegant.

Add-Ons For Electronic Devices 

A selection of handmade phone cases

People everywhere have smartphones or tablets at their fingertips. The fact that we take these pricey gadgets with us everywhere we go necessitates the purchase of a good case or accessory to protect them.

Electronics cases that are fashionable and functional may be made by anybody prepared to learn how to sew.

It’s better to be “rougher” in a world where plastic boxes are the norm—at least different, natural and honest in their appearance. 


Handmade ceramic bowls in different colors

You don’t have to be an expert in ceramics to start with a basic bowl. A wheel and costly equipment aren’t necessary for firing your items, so start with your hands and a home oven.

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Many people find this rough aspect as original and fascinating compared to the neatly spun centrifugal bowls. 

Intricately Crafted Wood Designs 

Delicately hand carved wood panel

Rustic home decor is an excellent option if you’ve always been fascinated by the look and feel of wood. Because the objective is to preserve the original shape and color possible, novices find it easy to make minor alterations and updates.

Many of the basic materials you’ll need for your projects may be found in a junkyard or a second-hand shop.


Handmade drink coasters in paw print design

Who wouldn’t want to accent the otherwise boring table with eccentric coasters? Coasters are a simple way to get started with your craft ideas and are ideal for amateur and professional craft artists.

Moreover, it is possible to create them to meet a variety of aesthetics and use a broad range of materials (including wood, cork, plastics, fabrics, glass, and even concrete).  


A handmade notecard for a wedding

Notecards may be the answer when looking for a low-cost, universally appealing product. Paper and textiles are typically inexpensive, don’t need specialized manufacturing skills, and can be sent cheaply since they are made of paper.

In addition, you may use calligraphy, stamps, dried flowers, and even basic DIY prints from the internet to make lovely cards. 

Lactose Bath 

Lactose bath powder

Bathtubs aren’t only for bubbles any longer. Instead, they may hold salts, oils, teas, and jellies. Milk baths are also a new fad for treating world-weary skin, and they’re simple to create at home.

All you’ll need to make a primary batch is powdered milk, aromatic oils like coconut oil, baking soda, mineral salts, and the odd dried flower. 

Weaving Using Yarn

A flower pattern made by hand with yarn weaving

The number of artisans attempting this newest fad, which involves weaving together various textures and fibers to create art, is surging.

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This is not a new craft, but among the younger generation and novice crafters, it is making a resurgence since it is simple, inexpensive, and always attractive.


A lady using a sewing machine

In the wake of the shortage of face masks and individuals learning to make their own, many new sewers have been inspired to take up the craft, which is always popular. 

It makes me happy to watch individuals construct their unique outfits and accessories based on their creative visions. Now is the chance to do so for those who could not buy a sewing machine last year because they were all sold out.

Repurposing Old Furniture Into Something New 

A craftswoman upcycling an old chair

It’s not a new trend, but like Upcycling Fashion, it took off during our lockdown period. Due to their inability to work, many individuals were forced to improvise on their homes on a shoestring budget, which led them to repurpose their old furniture.

Since then, several creatives have built lucrative internet businesses selling their repurposed works

Handmade Resin Products

Handmade earrings made with resin

More and more individuals are experimenting at home with resin crafts, which have made great strides in the last several years.

For youngsters, Epoxy Resin projects are not suggested. The only need is that you have access to melds, a well-ventilated environment, and some spare time. Results will astound you.

Making of Beaded Jewelry

A man crafting handmade beaded jewelry

Beading jewelry is an excellent technique to master if you want to make something unique to express your particular style and taste. Modern beaders use traditional methods to produce contemporary patterns.

To Sum It Up

Even if you’ve been creating your whole life or are just starting, these DIY projects are some of the top crafts ideas that can help you get started right away to either start an entirely new passion, or expand your abilities!