Coconut Oil: A Million Uses (But Here’s My Top 7)

Coconut oil has become one of my favorite ingredients to keep stored in the cupboard.

Why? Because it has just so many uses for health beyond just sprucing up your cooking. I’m going to quickly tell you about seven amazing uses for this wonder oil that you can try for yourself!

Body Lotion

Coconut Oil being used as a body lotion

Coconut Oil works as a handy moisturizing sealer as it can trap the moisture in your skin, allowing it to stay hydrated. It also contains fatty acids like Lauric acid, which provides antiviral and antifungal benefits.

Because Coconut Oil has no harsh chemicals, it can also be an excellent assist in preventing eczema or other mild skin issues as it penetrates the skin barrier quickly and retains a lot of the elasticity of the skin – which means less dry, harsh, brittle skin!

It makes a lot of sense to me to keep a bottle of Coconut Oil handy most of the time because it’s quick to apply to the skin and still be on the move.

It’s also less problematic than some other oils if it gets on your clothes or accessories and washes out pretty easily.


Coconut Oil being used as a homemade sunscreen

Not only does Coconut Oil help to trap moisture in the skin, but it can also work as a natural sunscreen with an SPF of 8.

Whilst that doesn’t sound very high, and many scientists would tell you that an SPF of higher than 30 is required to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun, it is completely natural.

The same can’t be said very often of chemical-based sunscreens you buy at the grocery store or pharmacy.

I’m not saying to go out there and immediately replace all your sunscreen usage to rely on Coconut Oil in the desert…

But I’d certainly recommend trying to use fewer chemicals on your skin and replace it with natural options like Coconut Oil for when you need just some mild skin protection.

Natural is often better, in my opinion, at least for how simple it is to know exactly what you’re putting on your skin.

Chest Rub

Coconut Oil being used as a natural chest rub

I know many of us have relied on Vicks to soothe our aches during a cold or sniffle, but you probably shouldn’t rely on medicines at all times to get by. You simply don’t know all the chemicals used in them.

But you can ditch the Vicks and other products like it and make your own at home, completely naturally, using Coconut Oil as one of the ingredients!

Body Scrub

Homemade body scrub made from Coconut Oil

With the natural healing and hydration properties of Coconut Oil, it actually makes a pretty great body scrub!

Making your own body scrub usually requires a combination of chosen oils, granulated sugar (for the scrubby part!), and kosher salt.

You can mix ingredients to make something unique. A great idea is a Ginger and Coconut Oil body scrub.

Diaper Rash Cream

A selection of baby products used for diaper rash

Save your money on those overpriced baby creams and make your own at home. This will include the most effective ingredients that make the difference, just like any cream you can buy, but at a fraction of the price and without any unnecessary additives either!

You can make your very own diaper cream with Coconut Oil, beeswax, and a dash of zinc oxide. Whip it together in the pan over heat until melted, add in the zinc oxide and let it cool. Then you have yourself your very own diaper rash cream!

Eye Cream

A woman dotting eye cream around her eyes before applying

Turning some Coconut Oil into an eye cream can help with those crafty crows peaks and baggy eyes, it’s a wonderous natural healer for the skin in both quality and appearance.

All it takes is a 1/4 cup of Coconut Oil, add in some soft-gel vitamin D and E by squeezing into the oil. Microwave it for a few seconds (or you could try a low simmer) to make it stirrable. Then just let it cool and it’s ready to be used!

Hair Cream

A woman applying hair cream to her hair

And, finally, you can use Coconut Oil as a natural moisturizer and sealer for your hair. The natural oil seals in any moisture and helps to prevent a dry or flaky scalp, which means less dandruff on your shoulders.

This same hydrating effect helps with split ends or hair breakages.

You can try applying a little bit to your scalp before bed and letting in sit-in overnight. When you do this, you might want to put a towel on your pillow just so you don’t wake up with some big oil patches on your sheets!

So there you have it, seven of my favorite uses for Coconut Oil. We didn’t quite get to the million uses, but I’m fairly sure there are that many uses for this wonder ingredient!

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