7 Best Crafts For After School Program

Schools are for academic education, whereas crafts are for enhancing the creative aspects. A child should go side by side with both of these learnings if you are keen to give your kids some idea of how they could utilize their time enhancing creativity with crafts.

So, here are the 7 of my favorite picks for the best crafts for after school program.

Why An After School Program With Crafts Is A Good Idea?

Some parents propose introducing the after-school program with crafts to the principal of schools. It ensures that the kids are not just pressured with academic lessons. But they also get the chance to explore their other talents and passion.

Studies are not the only thing you will need in your life and career, but your co-curricular knowledge will give you a scope of adapting different options in life.

Kids don’t need to take up after-school programs with crafts at school. But they can take the programs even from their homes.

Parents can help their child with an approach, or they can think of one of their own. Having a specific time for your kid to enjoy crafting will enhance their creativity and improve their time management.

Therefore, they need to be best from broad perspectives, not just from academia. So, in after-school programs, crafts are a necessary inclusion for kids.

Here are some of the craft ideas that are perfect for your after school activity:

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Perler Bead Necklace  

Perler bead necklace with multi colors

Make the Perler bead necklace with your kids and guide them to get the most learning out of it. You should offer them just the supporting hands after returning from school. Please give them the food and rest they need, provide them with the board, necklace wire, and beads, and ask them to craft their imagination.

Don’t just force a particular pattern, and instead ask them to use their imagination to see what they like to come up with.

The output might not be perfect, but it starts the child with a creative mindset. Crafting is not an easy task, and with this Perler bead necklace craftwork, your child will eventually increase their complex kinds of patterns and designs.

Bird Feeder

a DIY bird feeder from a milk carton

One of the easiest projects you can carry out with your kids after school is making a bird feeder.

You will need a cardboard box with some paper cutouts to décor the feeder and place a small box within it to keep the food for birds. Keep the box big enough to hold a small cup with water in it.

This project is not just for the co-curricular concern of the kids, but also to educate them on some values towards animals and birds.

With a pinch of creativity, your children will also learn a great lesson for their lives. A bird feeder is easy to make, and kids can keep on replacing them with new and attractive ones over time to practice their crafting skills.

Pin Wheel

Two DIY pin wheels made from paper

After school, you can just get some props for your child to ask them to make a pinwheel out of it.

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Pinwheels are pretty pleasing toys for kids, and they will be excited to make it at home. If your child is too small, then do not introduce them to pins, knives, scissors, and other such tools yet. For that, you might have to guide them to use sharp objects with utmost safety. You do the craft for them or just pick something else.

But if your child is older than 8 years, you can introduce them to pins and scissors.

To make them:

  1. Use paper or flexible plastic and cut into it from 4 angles
  2. Now fold the edges to join them in the center, and then fix it with a pin.

It is a simple task, but kids might find it a bit complex enough to be interesting.

Candle Holders

Two DIY candle holders made from old glass

The candleholder is yet another easy craft idea for your children after returning from a tiring school day.

You can get the materials usually from craft stores or even ready-made kits.

Give it to your children and let them assemble the parts and make their candleholder.

If your child is old enough to understand safety, let them even try their holder right away. They would be happy to see something being used around their house that they make.

So, this is the confidence they need to move ahead in a particular arena, whether studies or co-curricular activities.

Box Cars

A car made out of craft materials

Use your kid’s creativity, and ask them to make a car out of a cardboard box.

Give them the necessary props such as a cardboard box, bottle caps for wheels, thick sticks for wheel axles, and other accessories.

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Introduce them to the idea, show them the tools they can use, and guide them to build it.

Teach them how the car functions while bringing their craft to life. It is a two-way learning process! It helps them work on creativity and learn about the functions of a car simultaneously.

Cardboard Binoculars

A child playing with his homemade cardboard binoculars

These binoculars are not meant to work or function like the real ones. But they are adventure gadgets for kids to be playful in their free time.

So, when they return from school, give them the guidance and necessary cardboard to make their binoculars.

All it takes is some toilet paper rolls and some clear plastic to cover one side. Your child could be ecstatic using their hands to make something to play with.

Perler Bead Animals

A pile of perler beads

Get a set of bead craft kits from an online or offline store. It will offer your kids a great scope of designing different animals out of it.

You are open to crafting out almost anything that your imagination permits by using the beads. It’s up to your child to decide whether they want to stay with crafting just animals out of beads or planning on preparing something more creative.


So, these are a few good ideas of the best crafts for after school program that will help your child learn, implement, and grow effectively with academics and creative knowledge.