Snow Day

Our first official snow day.

It’s safe to say that everyone enjoyed themselves.

Snow fence  #snow #photography #winter

Snow and Chewie the basset hound  #snow #bassethound #winter

Snow and a butterfly bush  #snow #winter #butterflybush

Red in a snow storm  #snow #snowball #winter

Snow tree  #snow #winter #tree

Walking through the snow  #snow #winter

Snowball construction

Snowball throwing

Snow with Chewie the Basset Hound  #snow #winter #chewiethebassethound #bassethound

Life in a small town

We went to our annual Pioneer Parade today.

Reason #101 why we moved to a small town:


Prescott Parade ladies horseback BH

Prescott Parade Antique Car BH

Prescott Parade Beer BH

Prescott Parade American Flag BH

Prescott Parade horse costume BH

Prescott Parade fake horse 2 BH

Prescott Parade Jeep BH

Prescott Parade man cow BH

Prescott Parade Ronald McDonald BH

Prescott Parade patriotic horse BH

Prescott Parade moving outhouse BH

Prescott Parade Puppy BH

Prescott Parade Horse with hat BH

It may be hard to move to a new place but it’s the small town charm that really sucks you in.

Petting Zoos are the great beyond

This last weekend my family and I broke from our regular schedule and ventured in to the great beyond.

The great beyond was a petting zoo at our local library in our new town.

Sometimes you just need to get out and pet some animals.


This charmer had me at hello.

Alpaca at a Petting Zoo

Sir, that’s is a lovely hairdo.  May I have another shot?

Alpaca side view

Lovely. Absolute perfection in that mop top.

A visit to see animals wouldn’t be the same with out my son awkwardly bending over to pick up a baby chick.

Picking up chicks

Spring isn’t spring without a baby goat.

Spring animals

The highlight of the visit is this guy right here.  We are assuming that is a true bumble bee because it is enormous and every time he landed on a flower the flower disappeared under his enormous frame.

Bumble Bee

Living in a new place takes a while to get familiar with but sometimes petting zoos makes it a little easier.

Playtime in 2.5 seconds

I’m not sure if it’s a second child trait or just my son but my 6 year old has the best imagination.  It’s so fantastic it actually makes me a little jealous.  With just a few small toys he is able to create a brand new world complete with characters and back stories.

It’s amazing.

No one else in house can go from reality to imagination in 2.5 seconds.

Where is he going during this time?  His focus is almost impenetrable and the conversations he constructs are vivid and full of life.  There’s always a story and hero.  Battles are fought and typically won.  Dinosaurs converge with cars and overtake the evil emperor but always return home just in time for ice cream.

It’s intoxicating and I often find myself just watching him play.

Iron man leading the battle


Iron man leading the way

Soldiers preparing for battle

The tragic defeat

Sometimes I think I would rather live in his made-up reality instead of this one.

His seems much more heroic.

More photos can be found at Becoming Homegrown on Tumblr

Sick Days

A plague has struck our home.

I’m anticipating government officials in hazmat suits to arrive at my door and quarantine the entire block.

This cold is so horrible I actually asked my children if a monkey bit them at school.

Or if they have had contact with any type of exotic animal from overseas.

Think Outbreak.

We have been indoors and separated from the general public for days now and I’m going slightly insane.

My kids are enjoying my insanity and are taking advantage of it by pulling out everything they own and more.


Unsure Rexy

Feet BH

Donkey on ladder

Curious George stuffed animals on sick day

Cooler hiding on sick days

Yes, my children took turns shoving each other in a cooler.

What else would you do on a sick day?

Learn or something?


Tree Climbing Noobs

The boys have never lived in a place with climbing trees.

Or any trees with a trunk bigger than flag pole.

Of course it’s not their fault.  My husband and I have raised them in the land of heat and no rain.

A place where really only a few species such as retired people and scorpions like to reside.

So this recent move of ours introduced my children to real trees.

There’s even a few in our yard.

It’s crazy!

The climbing has commenced….

Tree climbing Becoming

Climbing Becoming

The constructing of inventions…..

Kettle hanging Becoming

Building Becoming

Swinging on said inventions…

Swinging Becoming

Climbing, inventing and getting dirty in trees is what boys really should do…

Little Boy Shoes Becoming

And it seems that ours are excelling at it.

Children climbing the tree Becoming

**All photos are the property of Becoming Homegrown.  Any reproductions of  the photos is strictly prohibited without the prior permission of the author.  Removal of the logo Becoming Homegrown from any photo is prohibited.**

Balloons and hot air

Not all adventures need to cost a lot of money.

Sometimes they can be free

and  memorable….

There was a hot air balloon festival in town tonight…

Hot Air Balloon Rising

We went…

Hot Air Balloon Festival

and watched….

Hot Air Balloons Rising

and watched a little more….

Hot Air Balloon Pink

and enjoyed every moment…

hot air balloons are pretty great.

Hot Air Balloons

A good time was had by all…

Hot air balloon profile

Newborn babies are the best

I recently received a new batch of photos for my store.

These babies are so absolutely perfect you can almost smell the new baby smell.

Try not to fall in love…

Or not want another baby.

Newborn Crochet headband

Can you handle the cuteness?

If you want to see more snugly babies or you are looking for a great photographer

check out:

Andrea Dahlberg Photography

Behind the scenes of newborn photography session

When you see a picture of a newborn in a hat, sling, pod, or in a strategic position the first reaction is always “AWWWW, that is adorable!”.  What you don’t consider or even think about is what is actually going on behind the scenes. The pink baby is always so cute that it is almost impossible to imagine anything else.

Here is a small glimpse of the behind the scenes work:

Pixie hat for baby

I am hopping around on the sidelines trying to convince her to look at me while the photographer works her magic….

Photography session with baby

Yesterday we had a session with a newborn and I don’t think it could have gone better.  However when you see the amazing shots (they haven’t be edited yet)  you will know what it looked like to us.

Prepping for the shoot with different props

Newborn Photo session

Okay, he is asleep and the light is perfect.  Take the picture NOW!

Newborn lion bonnet photography session

Interrupting a sleeping baby is never fun especially when you have to put a hat on his head

Newborn session adjustment

Luckily he was a forgiving boy and went right back to sleep even after the last minute touch up.

Newborn photo session behind  the scenes

This isn’t the final shot from the photographer but it will give you an idea

Newborn stocking cap photo

Newborn photography session are always a crap shoot.  We have worked with babies that  did not want to be handled or asleep and then we get the babies like this little guy, perfect and adorable.  After these sessions and final photos I am reminded why I love my business.

If you would like to purchase anything you see or are curious for more items check out my STORE.

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