Glitter Dipped Mason Jars

Do you ever find yourself in need of quick gift that is fun but not too pricey? Perhaps one for a hostess or a few for a group?

I was in this spot recently and I need to work with what I had on hand…

I give you Glitter Dipped Mason Jars.

How-to-make-Glitter-Dipped-Mason-Jars-Gifts  #diy #masonjars #glitter #howto #gifts

Glitter Dipped Mason Jars literally take 5 minutes (per jar) and the final result is very cute.

Grab your supplies: regular mod podge, glitter and jars.

That’s it.


Here is my crafting area….I had several projects going on at once.  I wish that I could say I’m a clean and organized creator but I’m not.  When I have an idea, I jump.

How-to make-Glitter-Mason-Jars-Supplies  #diy #masonjars #gifts #glitter

How-to-make-Glitter-Mason-Jars  #masonjars #glitter #diy #gifts


Allow the excess to drip back into the bowl

Glitter-Mason-Jars-Dipping  #diy #masonjar #gifts #howto

Glitter-Mason-Jars-Dipped-No-Excess  #masonjar #diy #glitter #gifts



How-To-Make-Glitter-Mason-Jars-Glitter-Application  #diy #glitter #masonjars #howto #gifts

Give your son big props for posing with glitter…


This is the longest portion of this project.  The jars took 24 hours to completely dry.

Glitter-Dipped-Mason-Jars #masonjars #gifts #diy #glitter

Glitter-Dipped-Mason-Jars #howto #glitter #masonjars #diy


Fill with your chosen gift!  I gave homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Glitter-Dipped-Mason-Jars-Gifts  #masonjars #diy #glitter #gifts #howto

Glitter-Dipped-Mason-Jar-Gift #glitter #masonjar #diy #howto

That’s all folks! You now have a gift to give.

Simple, affordable and really cute!

DIY Painted Dresser tutorial

DIY Painted Dresser Tutorial

My kids have never had a true dresser.  When they were toddlers and preschool age, we did not feel the need to invest in a costly dresser they would inevitably destroy.  We kept their nursery dresser until the tracks were bent, all the knobs were gone, various art work and stickers had applied and the drawer bottoms were warped.  We parted ways with that dresser when we moved and I gave my kids plastic drawers in hopes it would force me to find a better solution….and it worked.

I’m brilliant.

6 months and new house later I was OVER the plastic drawers.  They were driving me crazy and my kids could never get them closed.  I took my 9 year old to thrift shopping for a new to us dresser. He was beyond thrilled.  “A used dresser. Thanks Mom” were the words that came out of his precious little mouth at the local thrift/antique/junk store.

Budget kid… Budget.

We found an old dresser with no knobs that fit our budget perfectly…30.00.

Transformation to begin in 3….2….1…..


1. Sanding

If you have decided to paint your new to you dresser, the first thing to do is sand it.  Use an electric sander. It saves tons of time.  It took me about 20 minutes to remove any sealant left.   This is after the dresser is completely sanded.

DIY Painted Dresser design



2. What is your plan?

Are you going to paint stripes, stencils, or a one color?  Always be prepared.  I allowed my children to choose their colors (Green and Orange) but I had final say in the design and the hues. I choose racing stripes.  The large stripe is 8″ from outside edge to outside edge. The smaller stripe on the left is 4″ from outside edge to outside edge.  There is a 2″ space between the two.

Large stripe – 8″

Small stripe – 4″

Gap – 2″

DIY painted dresser tutorial


I measure it all the way down. I doubled and tripled checked the spacing to make sure that it would line up after painting.  I also recommend labeling the drawers. This dresser is old and I knew if I rearranged the drawers after painting it may not look smooth.

3. Repairs

Are there any areas that need to be smoothed out or patched with wood putty?  This is the time to do that.  You can find wood putty/filler at home depot, wal-mart, lowes etc… We got the industrial size for a whopping 8.00.

DIY Painted Dresser tutorial corner repair

See the corner? (This is the before shot) I had to smooth out the corner and fill in all the cracks with wood putty. Obviously there is a chunk missing but I did what I could.

4. Primer?

You don’t have to primer but remember that may affect the hue of your colors. I chose a Valspar paint and primer combo because I’m lazy and I didn’t want to primer the dresser before hand.   Just be warned, without primer the wood is going to suck up that first coat.

DIY Painted Dresser paint color

5. Painting

Before you begin painting look at the grain of the wood. In case you don’t know what that means (I didn’t until recently), it is the direction of the wood.  Are the lines going vertically or horizontal?  Always paint with the grain.  I did with the green but I was so focused with straight lines in the orange I failed to remember.  Fortunately, I don’t think you can tell too much.

Also – remove your drawers.  It will allow you to get the side and not be concerned about the drawers sticking or dripping etc.

DIY Painted Dresser tutorial drawers

My drawers are labelled inside with painters tape so I wasn’t concerned about their positioning in the garage.

6. Dry time 

ALLOW the coats to dry! Don’t rush it.  Also don’t paint in on a warm day in direct sunlight….just thought I would throw that one in.

I started with the green. I did all the coats of green first and then moved on to the stripes. The dry time was the longest part of this whole process.

7. Design

The dry time directly relates to my stripes.  I had to allow the green to completely dry because I had to remove the original painters tape and move it to the green. I “taped” my green off so that the orange would not bleed.  I ensured that the tape had no bubbles and was really on there before the orange.

There was very little bleeding.

DIY Painted Dresser stripe profile

8. Touch ups and Sealant

After all the coats are complete go through and find the areas that need a quick touch up. I had a few places where the orange and seeped over or the last coat of green wasn’t quite right.  DRY.   Now seal. I bought an 8oz can of semi-gloss sealant.  Nothing too shiny but not too flat.    And…DRY

DIY dresser Miniwax Polycrylic for sealant

9. Finished

By this time your dresser should be complete! Great job! Do you love it?  I hope so!

I was pretty pleased with our final result.  The only problem I had was a lingering smell in the dresser and drawers.  That was solved with baking soda and dryer sheets left in the dresser while it dried in the sun room.  Now it is smells like a summer day…

DIY Panted Dresser dry time

The result!

DIY Painted Dresser for boys tutorial

My boys LOVE it.  It fits all their clothes with room to spare.  It adds a little personality to their furniture and it’s fun.  I realize it still needs dresser knobs but I haven’t been able to find any that we all agree on. So for now we have all agreed to deal with the holes. (I’m thinking a dull silver)

The total cost for this project was approximately 50.00.   The dresser was 30.00, two quart cans of Valspar paint & primer, Wood putty, 2 paintbrushes (Blue Hawk), and sealant.

It’s original, budget friendly, and my kids love it.  We are satisfied!

Oh, those plastic drawers have a new home in the closet.  Full of toys…

Plastic drawers for organization of toys

DIY Barn Door

**Disclaimer- Some of the pictures were taken with my phone or tablet.  When you have dirty drywall or paint hands the last thing you want to do is touch your nice camera.  So forgive the lighting/quality in a few of the pictures below.**

There are about million and one different projects my husband and I have on our  House To-Do list.  We are so excited about many of them and this project will probably be one of our favorites…..

Today I present to you our new BARN DOOR!


When we moved into our home there were two projects that my husband and I knew had to be priority. Painting and the divider between the laundry room and kitchen.   The previous door was a plastic accordion style divider that was sucked into the laundry room whenever the AC clicked on and it failed to block any noise.  It also had a horrible door frame.




My husband ripped down the accordion divider almost immediately so I never got the opportunity to take a picture of it.  See the wood door frame?  (Excuse the awful laundry room…It’s also on “THE LIST”)  Yuck!

We began scanning websites and Pinterest for ideas and decided on the barn door.  Originally we were going to go with a traditional sliding barn door painted in a fabulous shade of blue.  However, as we got to know the kitchen and the natural lighting we discovered a regular barn door would look heavy and could cut off a lot of light.  My husband suggested a windowed door.


Moving and remodels make for some fun pictures, huh?  A fridge (which is no longer there) Honey Nut Cheerios and our laundry hamper….The windows reflect the light from the kitchen windows and it doesn’t look like dead weight.

I’m NOT saying that the other doors are dead weight, I’m saying they would not have worked in our space.

Painting began —  No sanding necessary


The color is Valspar Celebration Blue.  I did about 3 coats on each side.

While it was drying we ripped down the door frame to drywall and texture.


With all the drywall work I did (through out the house) this became my best friend for 5 days…

Drywall compound

Then came the sliding rail. It is available on Amazon and it was on SALE!


Notice the door frame?  It took about one afternoon and 24 hours of drying time to get it complete. If you are curious about how to drywall check out You Tube.  This guy was really helpful for me.

Next was hanging the door.  I did not seal it right away because we were anxious to use it.  We ended up taking it down and sealing it when we applied the privacy window coverings.


The privacy opaque coverings were obvious reasons…Hide the laundry room.


The coverings were actually a huge pain in the butt. We had a really hard time getting them to stick in the corners and along the edges.  It took three of us constantly applying pressure to make it work.   I don’t regret it, I’m just saying it was tough.

Finally…..It was finished.


DIY-Barn-Door #BarnDoor #diy #howto

Sliding-Barn-Door-Kitchen-Laundry-Divider #DIY #Barndoor

I LOVE IT!  It blocks the noise of both the AC unit and our laundry units. The opaque privacy window coverings hide the laundry room from view.

The approximate price of this DIY project is 250.00.  We bought almost everything with a 10% discount at Lowes and the track was on sale at Amazon.

The overall length of time from start to finish was about 4 days.

That is one project down….One million to go.

Sandpaper t-shirts with Plants vs. Zombies

Creating your own t-shirt design

Crafts on Pinterest are hit or miss.  I rarely have encountered one that is just okay.  If it fails it fails to an epic proportion and if it is a success than it usually borders on epic success.

Yesterday we found one that is AWESOME.

Approximately one year ago (give or take a few months) I pinned a tutorial for sandpaper t-shirts from AlphaMom.  They looked fairly simple and fun to do but I never got around to purchasing the supplies or I just forgot about it.  This weekend my boys and I took the plunge and finally bought all the supplies to make sandpaper printed t-shirts.

It cost 8.00 dollars.  No kidding.

I had sandpaper on hand (typically 3.00 at wal-mart), we have a million crayons and an iron for craft purposes only.

The wanna-be artist in me couldn’t handle letting my children have free reign with their shirts. I knew if told them to go draw something it would be odd shapes and weird looking people.  Instead I took their suggestions and did a few drawings for them.

Peashooter sketch and solider Becoming Homegrown

The great thing about drawing on sandpaper is that you can just blow your mistakes away.

The worst thing about drawing on sandpaper is that you drawing can just blow away without trying.

Peashooter and Solider BH

Going over sketches like these with crayon (prior to coloring) is mandatory.

Scientist from Plants vs. Zombie Garden Warfare

Peashooter and Scientist BH

AlphaMom  stresses really applying a lot of color and she is right on.  My kids needed to add more color.

Plants vs Zombies coloring for Sandpaper tshirts

Plants vs Zombies Peashooter and Scientist coloring

Then we applied it to the shirts.

The exact tutorial can be found HERE.

Plants vs Zombie garden warfare sandpaper t-shirt

Flip it over so the drawing is on the shirt.

After a minute or two with the iron….

Scientist and Peashooter Plants vs Zombies sandpaper t-shirt

Solider and Peashooter transferred to shirt

They LOVED them!

Plants vs Zombies sandpaper tshirt

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Sandpaper t-shirt

We now know that they really needed to use more crayon but we are still really pleased with the results!

It’s easy, affordable and fun.

Maybe next time I will allow them to create their own designs.



DIY lanterns and buckets – Oh My!

I have been suffering from Spring mantel envy.

I follow a few bloggers that are unbelievably talented in the DIY makeovers and are able to display them all over their mantels.  Shannon over a Fox Hollow Cottage makes me green with envy with her creations!  Amazing!

After a few hours browsing Pinterest and other blogs I decided to put my creative talents to work…I don’t have a mantel but I do have a kitchen island that during the spring and summer is unbearably naked.  I looked at my ugly metal tin buckets(from last summer) and my brand new-to-me lanterns and went to work.

Here is quick DIY for those with mantel envy and a few without.

My naked lanterns and buckets were ready for a spruce. I have never liked the farm scene on the larger of the two buckets but I knew I would think of something.

We washed or wiped down both buckets and lantern and got the spray paint out. I used Krylon indoor/outdoor in both white and blue ocean breeze. The blue green was 4.37 at Wal-mart and the white was 3.47.

 Got to work on bucket number one

Then the lanterns

 Then my official helper and I hung out waiting for the second and in some cases third coat to dry….

He literally hung out

Took them inside and…..

I’m absolutely in love.

Frame makeover on a budget

This year, so far, has been a year of memories.   So much so that I decided that this would be the year that I would actually print out many of the pictures I took to capture said memories.

I chose the photos.

Got Online

Added strategically chosen photos to cart…and…

Clicked order now.

Viola, Pictures!

Then I realized why I had not ordered pictures before.  I have no frames to display them in.  None.  Zero.  In fact, I had gone through the house months before judging each and every picture to see if I really wanted to keep it in the frame.  Did I really still like this person enough to immortalize them on the wall?  Sadly, a few were removed and replaced with new fresh faces.

Anyways, I decided to hit up Goodwill in hopes of a good frame or two.   I was in luck and found one that would work after it had a makeover.

I found this gem….

Someone had purchased this white frame from Target and hot glued on various buttons.

I popped them all off with a flat head screw driver.

I then sanded most of the white paint off.

Then added a coat of grey primer that I have been using on a kitchen table I have been working on.

It took about 10 minutes.

I found some black paint and Mod Podge and went to work and…

New Frame!

This frame cost me about an two hours of work and 3.00 dollars.

I love successful a redo.

Now to find my pictures.

Supplies needed to redo:


Mod Podge – Matte or Gloss

Paint color of your choice

 *All the how to instructions are in italics..

There you go. My most recent Do It Yourself.

Clothespins – Fulfilling my life one day at a time

There are a few household items that have always held an element of fascination to me.   Items that I know can be used in more ways than just the ordinary and if I can just figure out a their new purpose or dress it up differently my life would be infinitely more fulfilling…

Clothespins- Fulfilling my life one day at a time

how to make glitter clothespins

I have some strange obsession with clothespins.  I have always seen them as holding so much potential in such a little package.  In the past I have purchased package upon package and then store them until I could conjure up an idea to use them for other than laundry or food storage.

Finally, I gave into a simple idea I have had for years but never accomplished.  Glitter clothespins.   I don’t need glitter clothespins and I don’t have an amazing Pinterest project waiting on the sidelines for the finishing touches of sparkling clothespins so when making these I knew they had no true purpose.

I don’t care.  I had pretty glitter and I wanted to use it….. Apparently I am four.

If you want to get in touch with your childish side these are incredibly easy to make.


Simply coat each side with matte Mod Podge and then dip into fine/dust glitter.  I used JoAnns generic brand because Martha’s is overpriced.  After they have dried I sealed the clothes pins with a light layer of the Mod Podge in the spray can.  

Now I have four clothespins eagerly awaiting a purpose.  I am sure these would make great little add-ons to homemade gifts.

Now, the winner of the Post giveaway is:Leah M.  (check your email)!

Glow in the dark Easter Eggs

Glow in the dark Easter eggs for a night time Egg hunt
Easter festivities usually have a familiar rhythm to them. Church, Egg hunt, Easter baskets, and lots of food.  At least this is what I have seen and heard.  We have not been able to get an Easter rhythm down in the last eight years. I am not good at planning them and we don’t do the whole Easter bunny thing.

This Easter I decided to actually attempt something new and change our habit of doing absolutely nothing.

A glow in the dark Easter egg hunt.  I got the idea off  Pinterest but I have had so many people asking how I did it I am going to post the directions here.

Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs

Purchase the bigger selection of plastic Easter Eggs.  I found mine at Walmart for 50 cents a piece. (6 in a bag and I bought 4)

Find the glow bracelets – You can usually find these in the Dollar section at Target or at the Dollar Tree

Scotch Tape

When you are almost ready to begin your hunt break the bracelets to get the glow.  Bend them enough to fit in the egg and then tape the crack to ensure they don’t pop open.

Then hide them!

Your kiddos will love them and instead of getting a ton of candy they will get the glow bracelets instead!

Here is a little glimpse from our nighttime egg hunters

Kids hunting for Glow in the dark eggs for Easter

Happy Hunting!

Simple Bird Feeder makeover

I hate birds and I always have.  In fact you can ask some of my closest friends and they will tell you that I always give their birds the evil eye and then tell the animal what a tasty meal they would make.  I really hate birds.

That being said it might be odd to announce that I am now the owner of a bird feeder.  A bird feeder that I wanted to purchase.  I have always wanted a bird feeder.  I have some odd romantic vision of my backyard/garden area having beautiful flowers, homegrown food and bird feeders. Don’t ask me why but it is a fact.  So this year I finally gave in and bought a bird feeder to make my backyard the local hangout.

The bird feeder I bought is nothing extravagant. I am fairly frugal and I did not want to buy any feeder that was priced over 12 dollars.  (Sorry Better Homes and Garderns, the feeders were beautiful, but “wild” birds don’t need to be sitting their rump on something that cost 30 bucks.) My four year old and I went to Wal-mart and browsed their selection and settled on a wooden house for 9.97.  I didn’t like the coloring but I had an idea and the price was right.

Here is my Extreme Bird house makeover — (okay not extreme but I had a Ty Pennington moment)

 Fresh from the store.  No real color and no seal.  In our climate there needs to be some type of seal and I really wanted some color.

How to make a bird feeder

I remembered I had some Jim Holtz Distress Ink (Tea Dye) at home and I figured I would give it a shot.  I never really could find anything I wanted to use the Ink on so this was a perfect opportunity.  It isn’t too overwhelming and it would give it the brown color I wanted…

Bird Feeder with Distress ink

Can you see the slight color change? Not overwhelming but just enough.

I followed the Distress Ink with Mod Podge; Gloss Coat.  There is a Mod Podge that is made specifically for the outdoors but I only had the Gloss Coat on had.

Hanging Bird Feeder

I lightly covered every side of the bird feeder with the ink and had to use my finger for the corners but I think it turned out well.  A darker brown and now it has a sealant.

Here are the supplies

Tools to makeover a bird feeder

Since I had the Mod Podge and Ink on hand this little makeover cost about 12 dollars for the bird feeder and food.

Quick and easy makeover for the backyard bird feeder. Nothing too detailed and I hope it gave you a few ideas.

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