I love photographers

Photographers are great. They can make the most average things look great and with a little Photoshop they can make me thinner.

Anyways, this is not a post about the magical ways of Photoshop. It is showing off the latest photos of my hats.

Still fairly self-centered.

and here is another….

Bask in the cuteness with me.

Did I show you these little gems…These ARE of me but all the wobbly parts are cleverly disguised

In case you didn’t know.  Converse prove you are not only hip but you are literate.

 Proving that I am still cool and still smart.

Just to nail the point home.  I am literate and play video games.

So to sum it up; Converse prove you are cool, hip, and literate….. All things I excel at faking.


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