Diet Progress

The last weigh in post I was coming it at 139 and I am pleased to say the results continue to be successful!

HCG is a safe quick weight loss program with proven results138.4!

At this rate I am averaging about a pound a day and I am losing weight fast!

Even though the pounds are currently falling off easily this phase of the HCG diet plan is fairly tough.  The amount of calories that I am allowed to consume each day total 500.  So, yes, I am hungry almost all day and no it is not unbearable.   My eating habits, after the first round of  HCG, never went back to  their extreme carb loving ways and the weight has stayed off!

Here is the following day weigh in:

The HCG diet weight loss plan is a great way to loose weight.


Another day and another pound!  Wonderful success!

I am going to take this moment and let you know right now. My goal is NOT to loose another 10-13 pounds.  I am shooting for 135 on this round.  I enjoy the curves and I have never been Twiggy.

If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask!   Check out 21 Day HCG

HCG diet and my weigh ins

I am dieting again.  Never an easy or enjoyable task and as promised on my Facebook page I will be blogging the results.  It helps you guys learn about the diet AND it keeps me accountable.  A two birds with one stone thing….

If you were around in January you may remember that I participated in the HCG diet with fantastic results.  I lost 13 pounds and kept most of them off!  I was 137 at the end date of the last round and during these last few months I fluctuated in a five pound range. Not too shabby.

I am now participating in my second round of the HCG diet.  Here was my first weigh in:

Results of HCG diet

Yup this was right after my vacation so I was up a bit but not as much as I will be after my two day food overload.  I am also going to take this moment to blame my vacation for the chipped off toe nail polish.

Following my two days of consuming massive amounts of food I gained a whooping three pounds! UGH. I was silently saying to myself “The miracle of HCG had better kick in because this is ridiculous.”

The results of one day on the 500 cal. Phase 2 diet were a success!

139.6 and would you check out my nail polish now….Blame the vacation. Anyways I dropped those five bad boys.

Now to all the nay-sayers out there, I know you don’t approve and I know what you are thinking so here is my response……I’m fine and I am not passing judgement on you so don’t start with me.

I am currently further along than these pictures but I am late in blogging the results so I will blog more tomorrow.  Too many feet shots are not healthy for anyone.

Quick, Easy Smoothie

We are fighting an ugly cold in this house.  My husband brought it home from work last week and I managed, in my “No WAY are we getting sick on the birthday weekend” madness, to keep us all from getting ill….or so I thought.  The youngest was struck down Sunday morning.  Yes, STRUCK DOWN.  This drippy, blotchy, coughy, clammy little munchkin has been in a horizontal position for over 24 hours.  It’s bad. In fact, earlier today I could of sworn I saw a representative from the Department of Health and Human Services drive by to get the address of the house that needs to be quarantined.

Anyways, I asked on my Facebook Fan page  for more homeopathic remidies to feed my kiddo and myself (just in case) and a good friend recommend some plain yogurt.  I took the plain yogurt idea and ran.  Well, not really RAN, because running with yogurt is never a good idea.  I used my plain yogurt for the good of the many!  I made smoothies for the family!!

Healthy smoothie that is also good for the HCG weight loss diet plan
The ingredients
Fresh blackberries
Frozen strawberries
Plain yogurt 
water (to thin it out)
I just blended them all together until the taste was what I was looking for! After the smoothie was finished I added Echinacea extract for an added punch for the immune system.
Here is another bonus with this smoothie. It is good for us HCG dieters.  You can actually have all these ingredients on the maintenance program.  Boo YA!  

Here is my smoothie!
Healthy smoothie that is also good for the HCG weight loss diet plan 
Notice the straw?!  I believe that no matter what age you are that a crazy straw should always be included in some part of your drinking repertoire. 
Hopefully, the amount of vitamins I have crammed down everyone’s throat in the last couple of days will keep us all safe from the cold.  If not, watch the evening news for a picture my house and a giant quarantine tape wrapped around it.


I’m a little late

I am sorry for my late post but I actually have a reason and I will get to it in a moment.

Weigh in today is
140 – even
I am exactly 10 pounds lighter. Am I disappointed not to have broken that stinking 140 mark? You bet, but I believe there is a reasoning. (Heaven help you if you are a man reading this or a woman that considers this to much info) About an hour after my last post of 141 my monthly friend came to pay me a visit.  And as women we all know that screws up your weight loss numbers. I am proud of the fact that I was able to maintain low numbers and I did not give in to the crazy carb cravings that I had going on.
Anyways, 10 pounds in two weeks.  That is still pretty good. I have a week to go so let’s see what happens….Does anyone know how long water weight stays on  because I am really tired of seeing that four.

Weigh in day and the freakout

Let me start with apologies. I take the majority of these weigh in pictures with my phone. I am half awake when taking the picture and I always to forget to flip the phone to the proper direction so that the number is easy to read. Here is the upside down weight of the day:

This is not a huge decrease. I wanted to be at 140 today.  In fact yesterday I was still 142.2 and I FREAKED out.  I was really upset.  What had I done wrong?  I haven’t cheated or deviated from the norm, what was going on!
After calming down I retraced my eating steps.  While on the diet you are allowed two snacks a day from a few selection of foods.  I chose the apples and oranges for cost purposes.  The last couple of days I have been eating oranges for my snacks to change it up.  I did notice the weight loss was not as dramatic but they tasted sooo good.  I also played two songs on Dance Central which is not a lot but it is a little exercise.  Now before you all gasp at the thought of no exercise on a diet please remember when exercising the body hangs on to fat and calories to maintain itself and I am losing a lot each day. So I decided to make Saturday my recovery day.
My recovery plan went into full force yesterday. I feed my children the rest of the oranges and returned to apples and I made sure to rest for the majority of the day. I worked on hats and watched movies with my kids. I did walk my kids to the park but I made sure to take it easy.  I have to tell you it is actually really difficult to take it easy. I feel great. I have a lot of energy and I am NOT starving all day. And when your pants are really loose it is hard to remember that you are on a mission and need to continue on.
My plan worked.  This morning, after a quick prayer (I didn’t want to cry) I stepped on the scale and was very happy.  Moral of the story – I hit a little plateau (which is normal) and after a little research I believe I made it through.

My husband is baking a cake and I want to punch him for it

That’s right, I want to punch him.  The man rarely bakes and in the last week, since I have started this diet, he has baked TWO.  Two cakes – Marble Fudge Cakes with Chocolate frosting.  SERIOUSLY!  My house smells like freakin bakery right now.

Here is what everyone is waiting for:

YA! In seven days I have dropped eight pounds! Boo Ya! My jeans are loose and I LOVE it!  I haven’t cheated once, even with the evil cake baker living here.
Alrighty, I am off to punch my husband, play some Dance Central and try to figure out a pretty Valentines day craft.  Maybe I will just blog hop and take some Valentines Day craft lessons from those of you that are far more talented.

HCG diet – A new weight and the Valentines day hat

I have decided that I am not going to post my weight every day.  I really don’t think it is necessary and it makes me look even more obsessive than I already am.   Here is today:

HCG diet weight loss results

Can you see it?  Tilt your head to the right. Just like that —- 143.4!  It is working!   Alright, I am now going to tell you that this has actually been really tough.  Cooking for the kids and my husband has been a GIANT temptation!  Seriously, all I wanted to do the other day was eat an entire jar of peanut butter.  I didn’t but OH I wanted to.  Instead I washed my hands and ate 100gms of chicken and some tomato.

All of this time not eating has given me more time to work on hats! I had a bright idea of creating a Valentines day hat.  Now maybe it is because I don’t have daughters or maybe I am not girly enough but I don’t particularly like this “creation.”  (I am staying true to my blog and showing my failures!)

What do you think?!  I really like the pink fuzzy and the overall concept just when it was created it kinda…well…. it bit.  I am working on the new one now. Hopefully it will come out better.  Any opinions?! I actually like to here/read them. Don’t be shy!

New weigh in on the HCG diet plan

Alright – My first official weigh since the beginning. So if you all remember the scale said 150.4…..

Here is this weight this morning
HCG diet weight loss total 148 pounds

Can you see that number – 148.4 baby!   Now, I know some of you are saying, wow that is too fast.  She is going to gain it all back…Well, think what you want, I am very pleased.

Yesterday was hard but seeing the results this morning is keeping me on track.  Plus I got four orders for hats yesterday so my hands will be busy with hats and not food!

Chicken is slimy and gross to the touch. Day 3 – HCG Diet Plan

Day 3.  First day of the new eating regimen. Whew..Is the day over yet?

Okay, it’s not really too bad.  Just because my mouth filled with saliva over the topic of mashed potatoes and I took the advice of a Facebook reader and squashed a couple of Goldfish in revenge (they were mocking me), doesn’t mean I am not handling today well….

I was productive.  I cooked chicken.  In 100 gram increments.  The piles of chicken were small .  Like these sentences.

Chopped up and ready to be cooked
HCG diet requires 100gms of chicken for protein
See I am remaining accountable…here is the weight and a peeler
HCG diet recommends 100 grams of protein in a meal. A simple scale can be found at the store for correct weight
Each mound is 100 grams. No approximation.  Lightly seasoned with pepper
HCG diet chicken portions are prepared ahead of time to allow for quick meals
I forgot to take pictures of the end result. Those “piles” shrink, just in case you were thinking, “Hey, that looks like a lot of chicken. Not too bad.” You are wrong. It’s a small amount.
It is now 2:30 and I had my apple snack.  I can not wait until this is not something I am thinking about all day everyday!  
New Topic!
I have some awesome hats I am working on!!!  Here is one that has been recently finished.
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