Easy Recipe with leftover Ham and the Ugly Blackberry Cobbler

As I stated in my previous post, I am starting a diet on the 3rd of January. So between now and then I am enjoying certain foods and recipes that I have always wanted to try my hand at…..Now don’t get me wrong, I am not going on a pigging out fest! Just thought I would try it out, plus it got rid of a lot of our leftover ham!!

1/2 cup chopped green pepper
1/2 cup butter
10 slices white bread – cubed
2 cups cubed and fully cooked ham
1/2 lb of cheese – I used Monterrey jack and mozz
6 eggs
2 cups milk
1 tsp ground mustard

1. In a skillet saute the green pepper in the butter until it is tender
2. Remove the pepper and leave the drippings
3. Combine the pepper, bread and ham in an UNGREASED 13x9x2 baking dish
4. Add the cheese to the drippings in the skilet and stir until the cheese melts.
5. Pour over the bread mixture
6. Beat the eggs, milk and mustard together and pour over everything in the pan
7. Cover and refrigerate overnight
8. Remove 30 minutes before baking and then bake at 300 for an hour
Recipe found on All Recipes

Now- THIS IS NOT a low cal meal!!!  I made it yesterday morning and we ate it for dinner.  I couldn’t eat too much because it was fairly heavy but it was VERY tasty! I can see making this for a group meeting or a get together…

Here is the picture of the outcome!  I actually made it successfully!  Nothing was burnt or overflowing from the dish.. sadly this does happen….See below….

I found a great recipe for Blackberry Cobbler on The Pioneer Woman website.  We had a lot of blackberries and it looked great…. Hers looked like this when it was finished:

Here is what mine looked like:

It overflowed on the sides and the edges are too brown.  It tasted good but I wanted it to be pretty too.  *Sigh* I will have to try again. – Later – After the diet.

Jersey Shore meets Chick-fil-a

I made something gross….again.

My husband is a big fan of Chick-fil-a sandwiches and spent an entire afternoon on the computer hunting down the recipe.  You should had seen his face light up when he came into the kitchen waving around a piece of paper with “THE RECIPE!.”  I checked it out and it was simple enough…I can actually do this….I am pretty good at making homemade chicken strips and this is very similar.

I got all the ingredients today and I was ready to cook.  I was going to make my man happy!  At 4:30 I began the process of marinating the chicken breasts and by 5:30 I was cooking them.   My kitchen smelled great…Fattening but great.

It was mid-frying that I hit a snag. How long do I cook these things?  The directions directed me to cook them until the were a “golden brown.”  Well, they were golden on the outside but raw pink on the inside.  My chicken breasts went from golden brown to Jersey Shore Tan, very dark and crisp.

When they were finally served up they looked alright but I did NOT like the flavor way tooo much salt.  Seriously?! I followed the directions to a T. Also, I couldn’t come up with sides.  I can never figure out what to serve with the main entree….

The good part is my husband actually enjoyed my Jersey Shore sandwiches.  He ate two!
Here is a picture of the last one….Looks gross in the pic…

Oh-Just so you know. I have never actually seen Jersey Shore.  I have only seen pictures of the “stars” and they all look extra crispy.

HERE is the good news!  I made something great the next evening!  Pumpkin Spice Pancakes!

YUM-O!  The boys and I inhaled these pancakes! They actually look pretty good in this picture too!!!

Dinner recipe that doesn’t make you sweat in your hot kitchen

Recipe for you to try – Easy, Quick, and it doesn’t heat the house during the summer.

2 tablespoons butter
1 (.7 ounce) package of dry Italian salad dressing
1 (10.75oz) can of Golden Mushroom Soup
1 (8oz) containter of chive and onion cream cheese
1/2 cup of white wine
4 skinless halves chicken breats

Melt the butter in a saucepan over medium heat, and stir in the salad dressing mix, mushroom soup, cream cheese, and wine until the sauce mixture is hot, smooth and well combined. Place the chicken breasts into the bottom of a slow cooker, and pour the sauce mixture over the chicken. Cover and cook on Low setting until chicken is tender, about 4 hours. 

I used reduced fat cream cheese and I left out the wine because I didn’t have any on hand.  When it was done cooking I put it on some Penne pasta and it was great!  Even the boys ate it!

Vintage – Rocking my world again

Our Mops year is about to get under way and I have begun some investigation for some images that would go well with our meeting themes.   We have a meeting tentatively titled Hostess with the mostest. It is scheduled right before the holidays hit and in all honesty I am not exactly sure the game plan however I did think old vintage pictures would be a funny to have going on in the back round…Here are some that I have found so far….Please keep your sense of humor!

What do you think about that?!
 Keep a look out for installment 2.

The Mac and Cheese that almost killed me and my self esteem

I made an AWFUL dinner tonight.  Truly terrible…my self-esteem is really starting to sink here.  KUR-PLOP, here that?  Yup that was my self-esteem dropping and here is why:

Last week I pulled out my sewing machine in an ambitious effort to learn how to sew.  My best friend had recently pulled out her machine and was sewing within about an hour… me, not so much.  It took me an hour to thread that stupid machine.  After I had everything threaded and ready to go (or so I thought) the stitches wouldn’t stay.   I was so positive I could conquer the world of sewing, or at least begin my conquering (yes I know that word does not really fit there) efforts but alas the sewing machine had different thoughts.  I left Fred, the sewing machine, out so that I will not forget or forgive his presence and I am now on a rampage in submitting his will to me…. This has become WAY to vindictive for an inanimate object….

Fast forward to this evening-
We are on a budget.  A Dave Ramsey kind of budget.  Cash only and No Debt allowed.  I went grocery shopping last week and apparently didn’t buy enough food.  Thank goodness for the garden.  It has been supplying us with veggies for a couple of days now…. ANYWAYS, I found a Paula Deen recipe for Mac and Cheese and it is the Mac and Cheese of doom.  It was so bland and for some odd reason the noodles that I stocked up on (they were on a major sale) are pretty gross.  They taste slightly sweet.  Who sweetens noodles?!  Soooo, I ended up with a weird combo of sweet and bland with a whole lot of cheese and butter.  We ended up eating Peanut Butter and Jelly instead.

These two things are only some of the side effects of my summer time blues.  I have a love hate relationship with summer.  I enjoy the idea of summer.  Pool parties, BBQs, Fourth of July, no school etc… and in all honesty I have been participating in all of those things.  However out here in the land of endless heat we kind-of shut down.  Everyone hibernates and only comes out in the morning and the evening so the boys and I are restless and bored.  Now before everyone jumps on the craft band wagon let me say this; there are only so many crafts that one mother (meaning me) can do. I have patience but not enough to launch into a new craft every.single.day.

Alright, I am done complaining.  But I do want to know, Do you get the summer time blues??!

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Easy Chicken Tostadas and two mistakes…I’m learning..UGH

New recipe you must try –

Chicken Tostadas

Paloma over at The Coffee Shop had a fantastic and simple recipe for Chicken Tostadas.  I really liked the final outcome and the fact that I felt so accomplished because I made something my kids had never had. 

Here is the picture of my dinner…. Do you see the little bite taken out of the Tostada?  That is courtesy of my two year old…   

Now I did change two things but one of them was optional so I don’t feel too bad.  I did not add the peppers and we did not have “Mexican style cream.”  We live in an area that doesn’t carry it at our local grocery store. 

Even with my changes this was an awesome dinner and I will be making it again!  Thanks Paloma!!!!

Now on to my two mistakes…

Remember my awesome magnet board from the previous post?  Well, it still looks awesome but I hit a snag. 

I am not sure what was on there but in the process of removing it I smeared the paint.  Being the smart and intellegent person that I am I thought “huh- easy fix I will just spray over it and it will be fine.”  Nope….When I tried to spray paint over my mistake it only got worse.  I should have waited until it was completely dry. Now I have to fix this mistake as well as the top of the board.

Second mistake – Pinata

I finished the pinata yesterday.  I added the last layer and I was feeling pretty good about it.  The balloon on the inside and started to deflate a bit and I thought it would be fine to just pop it and pull it out.  About ten minutes after removing the balloon one side of the pinata caved in and fell off the bowl that was supporting it and hit the floor.  Luckily I was standing right next too it so I picked it up immediately and put it outside to dry.  Thank goodness for the tires, they turned out to be the perfect solution to holding the tire.   The worst part of this was my husband warned me not to pop the balloon prematurely because it would probably cave in on itself.
I was wrong and he was right. I told him last night. 

Things are looking up in the pinata world.  This picture was taken this morning and it looks as if I caught it in time.  Let’s just hope the birds don’t attack it for insulation for their nests.

Cornbread that rocks my world

Let me just start out this way… Some of you bloggers really know how to cook.  I have successfully made four different recipes from four different blogs and each one was edible.  ZERO Meltdowns….

The most recent recipe that I made was Sweet Cornbread from Recipe Recovery.  Oh…My….Gosh… It was perfect.  It rounded out out dinner and it tasted so good that my kiddos were asking for seconds and they typically hate cornbread.  I was doing  the “That’s right, I made it…I’m awesome” happy dance for the rest of the night. 

Here is a picture- courtesy of the Cheapo Crapo Camera –

Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum –  Recipe Recovery you rock my world.

Well Hello there Mr. Pancake… Mind if I eat you?!

Another day Another recipe tried.

Alright,  I will be honest, I didn’t try this recipe this morning or yesterday.  I actually made it last Saturday for dinner and let me tell you it was GOOD. 

The featured blog today is Out of the Box Into the Kitchen.  This blog was actually a recommendation so I don’t even Heather knows if I am blogging about her Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes.  Either way, here we go.

 I really hate boxed pancake mix.  It always comes out a little dry and always has an odd taste.  I have wanted to make pancakes from scratch but was never willing to try it out.  Well, Saturday was the day.  I was at a good friends home and I whipped up these bad boys.  I was a little hesitant when the batter was finished and I ladled it out on the griddle because it was extremely thick but I trucked on through and I am so glad I did.  They were DELICIOUS!  The kiddos, who claimed to be to full to eat, were begging for more and my friend and I zoomed right through two giant pancakes. 

Thank you Heather  – Your Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes were marvelous!  I now have a pancake recipe that I will make often!!!

P.S.  Sorry for the lack of pictures- I took many but I did so with a friends camera and we haven’t downloaded them just yet.

Savor the goodness

First and foremost – Thank you to everyone that is participating… Keep those links coming!

Topic number 1:

I really enjoy sprucing things up; taking something that is really boring and making it fantastic.
I had a clay pot that I really hated.  I bought it when I first started to grow things and I believe that whatever was in the pot died a sad and tragic death.  I ended up ditching the plant but keeping the pot.    I saw it a couple days ago and it was mocking me, mercilessly. So instead of throwing it away I decorated it…and gave it a new friend.

Isn’t it cute!!!  I had white primer on hand so I painted it white and added the polka dots as soon as it dried.  I am in love with primer.  It covers almost any flaw and dries remarkably fast.  After everything was completely dry I sprayed it with a clear sealant. 

I love my new pot.   I believe it will live in my house.

Topic number 2:
(I made this one second so you guys would have to read the first….unless you skipped ahead- in that case – Bad blog reader)

I made my first dinner from a fellow blogger, Kitchen Koala.  

Italian Pasta Salad
This was so easy for me. I think it will be so easy for everyone.  No, strike that, I KNOW it will be easy for everyone!   (I didn’t want to start off with something difficult and get depressed and have a melt down.  Trust me, I have melt downs.)
In fact, are you prepared to be slightly impressed, the broccoli is from MY garden.  
Alright now to the gory details.  I did not have trouble making this but I did make two changes.  She calls for Bowtie pasta and I didn’t have any one hand.  I had just come back from the grocery store and I wasn’t about to go back to that hole.  The second difference is the missing olives. I did buy olives but I didn’t check what type. I bought diced olives and only noticed this AFTER I opened the can.  Otherwise I stayed true to the recipe. 
Thanks for dinner Kitchen Koala!

Please keep posting your recipes for me! I have written down each blog/site that was listed and I WILL go there and try to cook something.

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