Holiday Basket diy

Christmas gifts for extended family and friends are typically very hard for me.

I don’t want to buy random gifts such as coin counter or money clip for anyone.

Eyes will roll and they will be re-gifted.

I like making cookies and giving items (even if they are small) that people will appreciate.

This year, with the help of a few other bloggers, I made a Holiday Basket.

Holiday Basket side

Almost everything in it was handmade and reusable.

The tags took about an 45 minutes and I made 10.

The glitter look is from a simple stamp and a glitter combo.

I found the tag, stamps and glitter at Joanns.

Holiday Basket canes and jug

That adorable Antique Jug came from Pick Your Plum.

I “picked” up 5.

 4 for gifts and 1 for me.

I figured I will use it later for pens…..

or maybe something else.

Holiday Basket Handmade Crocheted Trees

Christmas Trees


by me




Make them for yourself!

Holiday basketBASKET

The basket and mini antique milk jug are my two favorite aspects of this gift.

I found the tutorial for the basket at Four Corners Design.

It’s surprisingly easy and Hardware Cloth is not expensive!

Now add all these things together and you have a really great and unique gift.

I later added a bag of cookies to each basket…

Holiday Candy Canes

Holiday Basket from Becoming Homegrown

Viola –

Holiday goodness all the way around.

Christmas Tree pattern – crochet

The holidays are the best time for homemade gifts or decorations.  This Christmas, I decided to make the majority of my Christmas gifts for friends and family.

I wanted to include a few cute items and a crocheted Christmas tree will act as a great accessory to a basket or cookie tin.

Crochet Christmas tree border

SC DECREASE = SC 2 TOG – This is to make 2 stitches into one for the next row

Christmas Tree Pattern

Top Tier:

Row 1: Chain 11 – turn

Row 2: Skip chain closest to the hook –  SC across – (1o sc) turn

Row 3: Ch 1 – sc2tog (also known as a sc decrease), sc in the next 6, sc2tog at the end – turn

Row 4: Ch1 – sc across- (8 sc) turn

Row 5: Ch1 – sc2tog, sc in the next 4, sc2tog – (6sc) turn

Row 6: Ch1- sc across turn – (6sc)

Row 7: Ch 1 – sc2tog, sc in the next 2, sc2tog, turn- (4sc)

Row 8: Ch1 – sc across -(4 sc) turn

Row 9: Ch1 – sc2tog x 2 – (2 sc) turn

Row 10: Ch1 – sc2tog – (1 sc)  Fasten off.

Second Tier:

Follow instructions above to Row 7


Attaching Together:

Sew the second tier to the bottom of the first.  Try to make sure that it is primarily in the middle of the bottom of the first triangle.


Row 1: Chain 6 – turn

Row 2: skip chain closest to the hoork, sc across- (5sc) turn

Row 3- 5: Repeat Row 2

Row 5: Fasten off but leave a long piece to attach to the bottom of the tree.

Sew stem to the bottom.

Here you have the option of sewing it on or crocheting it on.  I tried both but I didn’t think that crocheted attachment looked as clean…See the picture below.

Christmas Tree stem difference BH

The tree on the left is crocheted and the right is sewn. I think the tree on the right looks cleaner.

There you have it. A crocheted Christmas tree.  You can also add some color by sewing in colors after it is complete to look like ornaments.  It’s all up to you.


Homegrown Giveaway

After a wonderful trip and two giveaways on my Facebook page I am now celebrating our return with a blog giveaway!

I am giving away one hat from Becoming Homegrown on Etsy valued up to 15
Go check them out so you know which one you would like…
Here are the rules to enter:
1. Leave a comment telling me which hat you would choose
2. Follow my blog
3. Follow my Facebook page
4. Follow my twitter page
5. Post about my button on your page and link back here
6. Post about the giveaway on your twitter account and link @Becominghome
Leave separate comments for each entry!
There are a lot of entries I know!
Okay this giveaway will end August 21 at 9pm (EST)
Good Luck!

Newborn photos modeling my Owl and Aviator hats

Just a some pictures to show off today.  I recently recieved two professional pictures of my hats and in my joy I am going to share them with you.

Crocheted Newborn Owl Hat by Becoming Homegrown and photography by Andrea Dahlberg Photography
Crocheted newborn Aviator hat by Becoming Homegrown and photography by Andrea Dahlberg
Honestly?! Can these photos get any better? I literally have been staring at them for at least two days.  If you like the hats you can find them on my ETSY store. Oh, and I have a sale going on….
Check out Andreas’ awesome work at Andrea Dahlberg Photography

Making a blanket

I am working on a new blanket.  I originally was going to make it for my sons’ bed however purple does not go with the overall room color.  So now I am making a very large blanket for either family or Etsy. I haven’t decided which way to go but I will say I am really enjoy this stitch.

Alrighty – Do you think that is enough posts for one day?!
Please excuse the poor picture.
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