Crafts and Activities for older boys

5 awesome projects for boys

Crafts for kids on the internet are plentiful. You can hardly type the words “craft for kids” in the search bar without half a dozen websites popping up for your perusing pleasure.  The only problem, I have found,  is finding something age appropriate for my growing children.  No longer preschoolers and not girls, it is hard to find something that will appeal to their growing boy minds.

Kids need an a creative outlet.  It helps them grow and teaches them to think outside the box. This is why I have comprised a list of fun activities or “crafts” that are older boy friendly.


1. Circle Painting:

Supply the foam cups and paint and let them go! The outcome will be great!

Circle Painting Boys


2. PVC forts:

Many boy mom bloggers have shown some amazing forts they have made for their boys.

Strong Armour has a complete how to on building a PVC pipe fort.  In fact the kiddos did it by themselves!

Strong Armour PVC pipe picture

3.  Paper Mache

We love paper mache projects.  After the it dries the project last forever and it really can be made into any shape. We chose to make Paper Mache balls and my kids STILL have them.

Paper Mache Ball Project

Paper Mache Ball Project hanging

4.  Designing your own T-Shirts

There is a tutorial floating around Pinterest that is how to in creating a unique design for t-shirts with sandpaper and Crayons.

No puffy paint found here.

Alpha Mom has it listed on her site.

We did our own versions and it works.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Sandpaper t-shirt

5. Themed crafts

We are big Star Wars fans.  We have done many projects with a Star Wars Theme

A bird house:

Wookie Bird Houses Three

Although these look cool the birds were a little scared about flying into the mouth for bird seed.

How about rocks painted for Star Wars characters?

River Rock for Star Wars

Painting rock Star Wars Theme

Star Wars themed rocks

Our plan is to keep them on the bookshelves for some fun decor.

I’m also planning on using them as paperweights long after their life on the shelf.

6.  Great sites for inspiration:

Discover Explore Learn

All for the boys

Frugal Fun for boys

Now go!





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