Sandpaper t-shirts with Plants vs. Zombies

Creating your own t-shirt design

Crafts on Pinterest are hit or miss.  I rarely have encountered one that is just okay.  If it fails it fails to an epic proportion and if it is a success than it usually borders on epic success.

Yesterday we found one that is AWESOME.

Approximately one year ago (give or take a few months) I pinned a tutorial for sandpaper t-shirts from AlphaMom.  They looked fairly simple and fun to do but I never got around to purchasing the supplies or I just forgot about it.  This weekend my boys and I took the plunge and finally bought all the supplies to make sandpaper printed t-shirts.

It cost 8.00 dollars.  No kidding.

I had sandpaper on hand (typically 3.00 at wal-mart), we have a million crayons and an iron for craft purposes only.

The wanna-be artist in me couldn’t handle letting my children have free reign with their shirts. I knew if told them to go draw something it would be odd shapes and weird looking people.  Instead I took their suggestions and did a few drawings for them.

Peashooter sketch and solider Becoming Homegrown

The great thing about drawing on sandpaper is that you can just blow your mistakes away.

The worst thing about drawing on sandpaper is that you drawing can just blow away without trying.

Peashooter and Solider BH

Going over sketches like these with crayon (prior to coloring) is mandatory.

Scientist from Plants vs. Zombie Garden Warfare

Peashooter and Scientist BH

AlphaMom  stresses really applying a lot of color and she is right on.  My kids needed to add more color.

Plants vs Zombies coloring for Sandpaper tshirts

Plants vs Zombies Peashooter and Scientist coloring

Then we applied it to the shirts.

The exact tutorial can be found HERE.

Plants vs Zombie garden warfare sandpaper t-shirt

Flip it over so the drawing is on the shirt.

After a minute or two with the iron….

Scientist and Peashooter Plants vs Zombies sandpaper t-shirt

Solider and Peashooter transferred to shirt

They LOVED them!

Plants vs Zombies sandpaper tshirt

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Sandpaper t-shirt

We now know that they really needed to use more crayon but we are still really pleased with the results!

It’s easy, affordable and fun.

Maybe next time I will allow them to create their own designs.



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  1. Jennifer says:

    I wonder if using fabric crayons would help with the color.

  2. Nicely done. This gives me an idea. Time to make t-shirt designs.
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