You bloggers have made me very crafty

The name of my blog is Becoming Homegrown because I am in the process of learning how fix, refinish, create, grow and a litany of other things that I never bothered with when I was younger.  Well, I must hand it my fellow bloggers, you have taught me to be very crafty.

I hit a GREAT garage sale this last weekend.  The woman was redecorating her house and was selling all of her antiques and French country decor.  There was some fantastic stuff and I made out very well.  I do believe that this was some of my best garage saleing (I just made that a verb-go with it) ever.  Included in the great loot were two vintage tin signs.  One is too cute and the other was not my style but I got it anyways because I knew I could something with it….Right now, I KNOW, you guys are making a mental list of things you would have done with the sign.  I will now show you what I did with the sign.


Still before–Oh wait.. What is that in my hand?! My trusty chalkboard paint….
A Closer after shot –
Now a couple of you may be having a heart attack because you really liked the sign but I have to tell you again, the image and color just does not go with my house! Seriously, in my guest/kids bathroom, I have  a very large black and white photo of a movie audience wearing 3-d glasses look terrified and guess where I have it hanging… right over the toilet!
I made that sign into a chalkboard for my kitchen! I wrote down the food schedule because my kiddos were getting out of hand asking for snacks.  Now they have a reference. I also really hate my handwriting.  It just proves I was never destined to be a teacher.
Ugh- I feel I need to go take a picture of my bathroom so that everyone doesn’t think my style is horrible… The picture is funny, I promise!!  err… I need to go take a picture now….
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  1. Hi! Stopping by from SITSgirls. Love the chalkboard….it is clean and simple! Great idea-I shoud make a meal & snack schedule for my picky eaters too! All mine want to eat is cereal!

  2. now my kiddos don't ask when snack or mealtimes are.. They look at the board at know.

  3. good craft, but not sure you need it — to write mealtimes on? LOL

  4. You are very talented! (Stopping by from SITS, too!) I wish I could make things, but I Really am not crafty at all!

  5. stopping by from SITS, awesome project, where do you find that paint?The BuzzBrandy

  6. I want one for my kitchen! 😉 he he… Morgan.. I sent you an e-mail… oh! and I loved your previous post! Hugs!Your sister and friend… Paloma.

  7. I would have never thought to do that! I love the idea of a chalkboard in the kitchen….stopping by from SITS…Steph @ A Grande Life

  8. If it doesn't fit and you can't use it then change it if you can!

  9. how very resourceful of you! popped from SITS!Blogversary contest ongoing! More than $500 of cash & prizes at stake!

  10. love it!I too love garage sales and anything french country,watch out!stopping by from SITSp.s im in Cali and the rain is out of control!

  11. Popped in from SITS! How cute!

  12. I love chalkboard paint. I made my daughter a chalkboard paint table once – it lasted until the neighbor girl came and colored so hard she scratched the chalkboard paint right off. So glad we moved!Found you on SITS.

  13. Very crafty! Stopping by from SITS! Come and see my newest pics of my encounter with a Bald Eagle! :)

  14. It looks great! Your handwriting isn't terrible and I would very much love to see that bathroom picture! :)…stopping by from SITS!

  15. Stopping by from SITS . . . love the idea of the chalkboard "picture."

  16. Came over SITS! and I just love your blog!You 're so creative! and crafty!Those are very cute!!Have a great day!I am following!Hope you visit me too.:)

  17. Hi. Stopping by from SITS. Love your blog. I did love the sign before but i totally love what you did to it also. hey if it doesn't match you gotta use it somehow right?!?!

  18. Isn't being crafty fun? I prefer crafts that involve fabrics, but I do the occasional paint and glue craft too. You should check out Shanty2Chic and Infarrantly Creative, they are two awesome blogs that really enjoy remaking things. Oh, and Reinvented. I saw your comment on the SITS post today too. I guess it helps to be the first one! Have a great day! (Oh I think I want to get some chalkboard paint for myself too.)Anna

  19. I LOVE to garage sale and now (since blogging, what have they done to us) I comb the thrift stores too. That was a really cool idea with the sign! One thing I am afraid of is getting ahold of some horrible piece and re-doing it only to find out it was worth a million bucks and I totally ruined it. bahahahStopping by from SITS have a good one!

  20. Can I just say that I was admiring your handwriting and wishing mine looked like yours? I feel like my kitchen chalkboard doesn't look nearly as cute as other peoples because of my handwriting! :)Stopping by from SITS.

  21. I love that idea! I have sold/donated so many pictures because they didn't go with my decor, and what a wonderful way you have salvaged something!Stopping by from SITS :) I hope you have a Happy Wednesday!xo,KA

  22. The chalkboard idea was a really good one.Stopping by from SITS!

  23. Chalkboard of the greatest inventions…I have a chalkboard craft on my blog today too!

  24. When I was a kid, I wanted so badly to paint my room in chalkboard paint and my folks would never let me. You have no idea the love I have for chalkboards. This is nifty. :)PS: I LOVE the idea behind your blog name. Until I became a wife with a ready-made family, I hadn't bothered to learn ALOT of homey things. Now I'm in the thick of it and learning that I better learn fast!

  25. Found you through sits–my son is out of control with asking for snacks too, I was just saying today how I should teach him times so he knows when its time for snack.I think the chalkboard was a great idea :)

  26. You are indeed crafty! My mom used to find antique lace tableclothes and all sorts of wonderful things at estate sales. I draw seasonal pictures on mine – I still have a a flower garden with my sons names written as the flowering part. They keep trying to erase each other, but the names just miraculously grow back in chalk!

  27. I love the idea that you made it into a chalkboard! I hope you had fun garage sale-ing. I keep passing by this one on the way to school, and always want to stop. But I never can because I don't have time to gander during the day. Maybe next time! :)

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