Michael Kors Glasses anyone… anyone?

My mother in-law is one of those people that can win ANYTHING and a couple of months ago she hit a streak.  She won a fairly big contest in Las Vegas and got a bag full of designer items.  Well, she gave this bag to me…

I love it! It is typically not my style but it is really fun and super convenient because it is so flexible.
However, the cool bag is not my point but it will bring me to it. In this bag was a pair of Michael Kors sunglasses for men.  They are aviator style and my husband did not like them. He doesn’t like how they look on his face.  He claims they scream license and registration please and not his alternative style.  So I thought I would see if anyone is interested in the blogger world.  They are totally free and brand spankin new.  Just leave me a comment telling me that you would like them and/or become a follower and I will choose someone (if anyone is interested) on Monday the 21st.  I will also mail them that same day, that is if I can get the address that soon.
Sorry for the terrible picture!  I could not figure out a good way to shoot these sunglasses!   They come with the case etc…
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  1. I totally think my husband would like those sunglasses. He really doesn't care what they look like but he has a job where he desperately needs good sunglasses, especially during the summer. Therefore, if they are still available, I would LOVE to have them!Oh, and if you decide you want to part with that gorgeous bag, HOOK ME UP! :0)Blessings,Teresa <><TooManyHeartbeats@gmail.com

  2. Now that's my idea of a cool win. Great looking stuff, love the bag. Your blog is outstanding. I'm going to love being a follower. Have a great holiday and come see me at http://www.samwich365.com It's fun and silly and maybe interesting too. Take care, Keri (aka Sam)

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