LeapTV; Leap into gaming for all ages


Baby, it's cold outside.  Real cold.  I believe the term snowmaggden 2014 has been thrown around a lot lately.  So what do you do when your kids have had enough snow playtime and want to stay warm but need to stay active?  LeapTV!  Leap Frog's household gaming system that keeps kids moving, entertained and learning! I'm going to be a honest.  I wasn't sure about LeapTV.  As I was reading the back of the games and investigating the contents of the system, I was worried.  The games encourage … [Continue]

Getting to know the chickens

Polish chicken close up

Last week we took the plunge. The poultry plunge. We are now the proud owners of 11 chickens. It's not as hard as I imagined but it's definitely a learning experience. I took … [Continue]

VTech Learning Cartridges Add to the Fun

Ultimate Spider-man Innotab

Recently my boys had the opportunity to try the Vtech Innotab Max Tablet.  They loved exploring and learning all the features of the tablet.  Within a few short hours they became … [Continue]

DIY Particle Board Table Makeover

Table finished1

Recently we were gifted with a table and chairs.  My husband came home and told me someone wanted to get rid of their  old furniture and they were asking if we wanted it. I didn't … [Continue]

VTech InnoTab Max Giveaway

Vtech-InnoTab-Max-My Magic-Beanstalk

In a world of extreme accessibility and having the internet at the touch of your fingers (regardless of location), it's easy to feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to children. … [Continue]

Homemade Halloween Costumes – Are they worth the work?

Peeking out Minecraft face

Every year my family and I discuss great ideas for Halloween.  We discuss family themed costumes, easy quick costumes, and homemade.  The boys run through various characters they … [Continue]

LifeStraw Go giveaway – Purified water with every sip

LifeStraw Go

Have you ever gone hiking and found yourself running out of water? Perhaps your estimations of water needed for a family outing came up short.  It's hard to estimate how much water … [Continue]

10 Truths about Country Life


When you envision rural life or country living what are the first images that pop into your mind? Perhaps something like this? Quite, serene, peaceful. A place to escape the … [Continue]

DIY Painted Dresser tutorial

DIY Painted Dresser Tutorial

My kids have never had a true dresser.  When they were toddlers and preschool age, we did not feel the need to invest in a costly dresser they would inevitably destroy.  We kept … [Continue]

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