Petting Zoos are the great beyond

Lama face final

This last weekend my family and I broke from our regular schedule and ventured in to the great beyond. The great beyond was a petting zoo at our local library in our new town. Sometimes you just need to get out and pet some animals.   This charmer had me at hello. Sir, that's is a lovely hairdo.  May I have another shot? Lovely. Absolute perfection in that mop top. A visit to see animals wouldn't be the same with out my son awkwardly bending over to pick up a baby … [Continue]

The evolution to country-ish living: Phase 1- Bunny

Thorin portrait

My husband and I have been married for almost 10 years.   During those years I have witnessed many things but nothing more surprising than the evolution that has recently taken … [Continue]

Green Smoothie Goodness

Kale Strawberry Mango Chia Seed Smoothie

As summer steadily approaches I feel the need to get a little healthier and tighter.  Work out videos with Jillian Michaels have begun and a regimented diet has followed.  Inches … [Continue]

5 Irritating Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest with a PIN IN it

I love Pinterest. I love how easy it is to find....well....everything.  Where else can you find a recipe for dinner while searching for a tutorial on how to refinish your old … [Continue]

Playtime in 2.5 seconds

A leader in the front

I'm not sure if it's a second child trait or just my son but my 6 year old has the best imagination.  It's so fantastic it actually makes me a little jealous.  With just a few … [Continue]

Sandpaper t-shirts with Plants vs. Zombies

Peashooter and Scientist coloring for sandpaper tshirts

Crafts on Pinterest are hit or miss.  I rarely have encountered one that is just okay.  If it fails it fails to an epic proportion and if it is a success than it usually borders on … [Continue]

Constructive activities for Saturday mornings

Working on Trojan Horse

Saturday mornings are supposed to be filled with cereal and cartoons.  Parents are supposed to sleep in and enjoy peaceful slumber that accompanies said cartoons and cereal.  All … [Continue]

Sick Days

Star Wars George2

A plague has struck our home. I'm anticipating government officials in hazmat suits to arrive at my door and quarantine the entire block. This cold is so horrible I actually … [Continue]

Flower and Heart Projects

Flowers experiment Blue

It's no secret that Valentines day is not our favorite holiday.  My husband and I believe that it has been blown out of proportion and does not need to hold the importance that it … [Continue]

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