DIY Kitchen table makeover

DIY Kitchen table makeover

I love my kitchen table. If you asked me a month ago if I loved my table my response would be terribly different. It would go like this: Nope Not at all I need a new one Just don't look at the chairs I bought this table 5 years ago when we had our second son.  I decided it was high time we had a kitchen table but we didn't have too much in the bank so it had to be cheap. It was 50 bucks. Dirty and Damaged. When you are saving every dime and need to make money stretch, 50 dollars for a … [Continue]

Simon Swipe and Hasbro Fun

Hasbro GAME Logo

Take a trip with me, will you? Travel back to a time when you were a kid and Simon was all the rage.  Simon was sitting on your lap while you desperately tried to remember the … [Continue]

Patriotic Activities


When National holidays roll around it's hard to create and establish traditions. They're not like Christmas or Thanksgiving that have an unending arsenal of tradition potential. … [Continue]

Life in a small town

Prescott Parade Antique Cars BH

We went to our annual Pioneer Parade today. Reason #101 why we moved to a small town: Parades It may be hard to move to a new place but it's the small … [Continue]

Baking with children

Chocolate Pretzel mess

I love baking. I really do. I love making delicious goodies that my family and friends enjoy.  I love the smell of baked goods permeating every corner of the home and when everyone … [Continue]

Reading Charts

Pokemon Reading Chart BH

Summer is a hard time to get kids to do anything but play and after a solid 10 months of school work who wants to do anything??  I don't.  I really really don't.  Even though my … [Continue]

How to Train Your Dragon 2

How to Train your Dragon 2

There are very few movies I get excited about.   I enjoy going to the theaters , like most, but there hasn't been a movie that my family and I have looked forward to seeing in some … [Continue]

Why we moved

Jeremiah 29:11

In January, we moved.  We left a city that had become home and a community with loving church, friends like family and a comfort level that many envy.  We left to start … [Continue]

Crafts and Activities for older boys

Star Wars themed rocks

Crafts for kids on the internet are plentiful. You can hardly type the words "craft for kids" in the search bar without half a dozen websites popping up for your perusing pleasure. … [Continue]

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